Global GEIR Summit June 2016

August 4, 2016: Startup Day Across America

DRIVING GROWTH THROUGH INCLUSIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP Unshackled Ventures, the innovative angel fund that extends the entrepreneurship opportunity to everyone in the U.S., including immigrants, teamed up with Congressman Joaquin Castro to pen an Op-Ed highlighting the challenges faced by immigrant entrepreneurs and proposing some solutions. The Op-Ed is featured on The Huffington Post and Recode. #STARTUPDAY They’ve[…]


How states, cities, and universities can retain foreign entrepreneurs

This article in the Huffington Post highlights some problems that American states, cities, and universities face in retaining foreign entrepreneurs. By Matthew La Corte, Immigration Policy Analyst at the Niskanen Center. La Corte touches on how entrepreneurs are getting squeezed out by limited visa options available (specifically, the cap on H-1B visas) and proposes one[…]


FAQ on the new STEM OPT rules

New STEM OPT extension rules went into effect on May 10, 2016. Certain F-1 student visa holders in the Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math fields can now receive up to 24 months of work authorization after graduation — but may need to take quick action in order to remain eligible. To help students and employers understand the new[…]

Immigrant Entrepreneurs at Google (Getty Images)

What would happen to American entrepreneurship without immigrants?

Immigration policy is a hot-button issue in this election cycle, and it comes with vast amounts of partisan disagreement and complex, deep-rooted economic impact. What would happen to American entrepreneurship if legal immigration was severely curbed? FUSION reports that a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that, as of 2008, immigrants[…]

2016 Babson College GEIR program

Babson becomes first private college to host GEIR program

Babson College in Massachusetts is now the first private college to host a Global Entrepreneurs In Residence (GEIR) program. GEIR programs help provide legal status to qualifying foreign national entrepreneurs by sponsoring them for cap-exempt H-1B visas at institutions of higher learning. Babson’s pilot effort this year will host up to 10 GEIRs who want to accelerate their companies[…]

Immigration myths, lies, and half-truths

Startups and immigration: Myths, lies and half-truths

Startups & immigration: myths, lies, and half-truths TechCrunch has posted an informative article written by Singapore-born entrepreneur Desmond Lim, who has worked at early-stage startups and founded his own company, QuikForce. International entrepreneurs will appreciate Lim’s commentary, which draws on his own experience and debunks commonly held perceptions. In his article, Lim offers introductory explanations[…]

Unshackled Logo

The Unshackled Application is Now Open

Unshackled is an innovative angel fund that extends the entrepreneurship opportunity to all entrepreneurs in the country, including those who are dependent on work visas. Are you in immigrant entrepreneur with a great idea? Apply Now! Unshackled is now accepting applications for the third batch of 2016 recipients. The application will be open until July[…]

Benders Immigration Bulletin

Bender’s Immigration Bulletin: Innovative Visa Options for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

USAIE founders Dan Berger, Rita Georges, Michael Serotte, and Stephen Yale-Loehr recently collaborated on the article ” ‘If You Want Something New, You Have to Stop Doing Something Old’– Innovative Visa Options for Immigrant Entrepreneurs”, published in Bender’s Immigration Bulletin on June 1, 2016. This legal resource article summarizes eight nonimmigrant visa categories and how[…]

Corporate Immigration 2016: Roundtable

In May 2016, Who’s Who Legal sponsored a roundtable discussion on Corporate Immigration. Panelists included Karl Waheed of Karl Waheed Avocats (France), Liam Schwartz of Liam Schwartz & Associates (Israel), and Steven Yale-Loehr, immigration expert and USAIE co-founder. The trio fielded questions on some of today’s top issues faced by lawyers working in this field: investor[…]