President Obama

Immigration Regulations To Watch Before Obama Exits Office: Dan Berger quoted

Over the course of his presidency, President Obama has taken immigration actions that affect millions of people living and working in the United States. But some experts say we may still be able to expect more changes still, including measures that could impact foreign-born entrepreneurs and startup founders. Law 360, a leading source of news and[…]

Global GEIR Summit June 2016

August 4, 2016: Startup Day Across America

DRIVING GROWTH THROUGH INCLUSIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP Unshackled Ventures, the innovative angel fund that extends the entrepreneurship opportunity to everyone in the U.S., including immigrants, teamed up with Congressman Joaquin Castro to pen an Op-Ed highlighting the challenges faced by immigrant entrepreneurs and proposing some solutions. The Op-Ed is featured on The Huffington Post and Recode. #STARTUPDAY They’ve[…]