FAQ on the new STEM OPT rules


New STEM OPT extension rules went into effect on May 10, 2016. Certain F-1 student visa holders in the Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math fields can now receive up to 24 months of work authorization after graduation — but may need to take quick action in order to remain eligible.

To help students and employers understand the new rules – and the thinking behind them – USAIE has put together a Q&A on STEM OPT, available here and free to share.

STEM OPT Q&ASTEM OPT Frequently Asked Questions

The PDF contains answers to questions frequently asked by both students and employers:

  • the general concept of Optional Practical Training (OPT);
  • exactly which changes have been made;
  • the list of university programs that are eligible for STEM OPT benefits;
  • how to fill out the Form I-983 Training Plan;
  • student and employer tax responsibilities;
  • how student entrepreneurs might navigate the new rules; and more.

Relevant links are included.

Of course, this general information does not constitute legal advice. If you have questions about STEM OPT, or any other topic related to work authorization and immigration, contact USAIE and request a consultation. We work with students, companies, and startup incubators.