Startups and immigration: Myths, lies and half-truths

Immigration myths, lies, and half-truths

Immigration myths,   lies,   and half-truths

Startups & immigration: myths, lies, and half-truths

TechCrunch has posted an informative article written by Singapore-born entrepreneur Desmond Lim, who has worked at early-stage startups and founded his own company, QuikForce.

International entrepreneurs will appreciate Lim’s commentary, which draws on his own experience and debunks commonly held perceptions. In his article, Lim offers introductory explanations of:

  • the H-1B visa process and the different ways it is possible to obtain an H-1B visa, including through the new STEM OPT rule,
  • alternatives to the H-1B visa,
  • how foreigners can start companies in the US,
  • how to obtain funding and find a legal startup to assist in the immigration process.

USAIE can help

USAIE was started with entrepreneurs just like Lim in mind. We work with startup incubators and university groups to help fledgling international entrepreneurs navigate the complicated immigration process and identify pathways to successfully starting companies in the US.

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