Unclearly Executive or Managerial: A Review of Recent Nonprecedent EB-1C AAO Decisions

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Executives and managers have a unique path to permanent residence in the employment-based first preference
green card category (EB-1C). We sought to find examples of how foreign nationals are faring in obtaining green
cards through EB-1C. To that end, we found four non-precedent decisions issued by the U.S. Citizenship and
Immigration Services’ Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) since January 2017. Each of these cases was denied.
After a brief summary of EB-1C eligibility criteria, this article summarizes each AAO decision, with particular
attention paid to the evidence provided and how the AAO treated that evidence. It concludes with some
observations on what foreign nationals and employers should do to maximize their chances of obtaining EB-1C
green cards.

By David Wilks, Brooke Ireland, & Stephen Yale-Loehr