What would happen to American entrepreneurship without immigrants?

Immigrant Entrepreneurs at Google (Getty Images)
Immigrant entrepreneurs at Google

Getty Images

Immigration policy is a hot-button issue in this election cycle, and it comes with vast amounts of partisan disagreement and complex, deep-rooted economic impact. What would happen to American entrepreneurship if legal immigration was severely curbed?

FUSION reports that a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that, as of 2008, immigrants accounted for more than one in four entrepreneurs in the United States, and about the same percentage of all employees in new firms. The share of new firms http://www.buyambienmed.com with at least one immigrant entrepreneur was even higher, at 37%. In addition, about one in three firms has at least one immigrant in its “founder team,” and the share of immigrants among all employees in those firms has been rising.

The article, “Here’s what would happen to entrepreneurship in America without immigrants,” is available on the FUSION website. It includes data, graphs, and insight on the positive impact of immigrants on the economy.